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English Classes

Threshold English Classes

Hope International church strives to help the immigrant, student, and speakers of other languages to learn the English language.  We understand the essential need this is. The Bible is very clear that the Christian should be a servant to those who emigrate.  In one of the letters of the New Testament it makes clear that the boundaries and times of people groups are in the control of God and it is He that is shaping and moving people groups around the world.


  • We want to stand in the doorway and help you learn the English language as well as learn about God.
  • Our classes are FREE!
    - Students need to buy their own books and pay a small administration fee.
  • Our teachers and program is excellent!
    -Many of our teachers are experienced professionals.  This program has been going on for 15 years.
  • Our classes are offered year-round
  • Classes are in the evening for convenience
    - each semester cultural events are planned as well


            Three semesters: June-July, September-November, and February-March

            To register for the next semester:

  1. Send a card or letter with your name, address, and phone # to:
    Threshold English Classes
    Hope International Church
    21 Bruce Rd.
    Waltham, MA 02453

  2. Call 781-891-5238 and speak slowly and clearly, leaving your name, address, and phone #.  This will register you for the classes.  You will receive in the mail a confirmation letter with information and directions.

    3. Register here online:
Register for English Course:
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